Have I missed the boat?……..

This is the burning question I hear all the time when I talk about football Index. It was a question I asked myself when I first began.
I read that people had bought Neymar for less than £2 (And this was pre share split) but something drew me in.
The excitement of being a trader in the best sport in the world, a knowledge of football I had built up since kicking a ball against the garage doors as a youth, pretending to be “super Ally”  (if you know, you know 😏)
And so I began………
I was a complete novice, I knew nobody that done this, I can’t even recall how I first heard of the idea, but I went in- balls deep and I learned the hard way 😩
I read the forums, done my research, used my extensive football knowledge….and chased IPO’s!!
I sat there at work refreshing every 30 seconds waiting for someone I’d never really seen play get added to the market and at first I thought I was Leo Di bloody Caprio.
I was soon to discover that I wasn’t!
I was left with a load of players I didn’t really know, or want and ended up selling them for a loss and I questioned whether I had made the right choice with my investment.
I was never one for saving money,. If I had it I’d spend it, but I had read so much about this platform and didn’t want to give up. I read some more, researched it all and came up with a strategy.
Now you will hear “strategy” all the time when you talk to people about football Index, but for me this is the single most important thing before you start.
Have a plan, have a target and stick to this!
In January 2018 I started my football index journey and financially, it’s been the best choice I have ever made.
Now I’m not rich, I work hard for my money and had very little spare cash each week.
What I did have was a £2k lump sum from a tax rebate and after my failed start, this is where it began for me……..
I did very little to my portfolio in the 1st year. I bought, I sat tight and I waited.
By Christmas I had a portfolio with around £5k including dividend payments. An 11 month profit of 104%, in my eyes 👀 a huge success!
I was hooked! I told my family (minus 50% to the Mrs 😏) my friends and anyone else I could, but I was still pretty much on my own 🎻
Fast forward 9 months, I now have an overall profit of over £11k, (I have invested more since) I met people who shared my love for the Index and we now offer advice to people like myself 20 months ago.
Now it’s hard to trust anyone on the football Index. Everywhere you read you will hear of people “pumping”’players (not as dirty as it sounds, or is it?)
The truth is there are pumpers, dumpers, holders, day traders, dividend chasers and sheep and we will individually moan about each and every one of these, but in my eyes, they are all essential pieces in the Football Index jigsaw. Each one is as important as the next, which has made this concept what it is.
So when I asked myself, “have I missed the boat?” When I paid 52p for Jadon Sancho…………….

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